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Saturday, March 7, 2009
A lil information
Students will start receiving their local university application results as early as mid-April, and all through May and June. Here are the tentative details:

NUS - early to end May
NTU - end-April to June
SMU - mid-April to mid-June

You should check the universities' web sites themselves for updates or changes.

If you’re not eligible for the universities below, there are other options. Go to the
VJC Higher Education web site for information on alternatives to NUS, NTU and SMU.

The higher education web site is accessible via the VJC Web site:
Visit www.vjc.moe.edu.sg
Click on College Life in VJC.
Click on Life After VJC.
Click on University Guidance.

Minimum Grades for Various Subjects

General Social Science
BBC (SMU) http://www.socsc.smu.edu.sg/bsocsc/social_science/index.asp

Geography, Literature


Social Work






NIE Teaching

That are many other subjects in the 3 main universities, email me at najibmadina@vjc.sg and I’ll send the full list to you.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
I believe the children are the future

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
this class lives on
ok since i am so free i shall be so very honoured to post the FIRST POST OF 2009! whee! clap for me!
hahaha i've been meaning to post some of these stuff up here for quite some time already but just never got around to it.
so i'll do it in a coolcher way HAHA.


#1. we bring geography everywhere we go!

LONDON - congestion charges to mitigate traffic congestion

LONDON - westminster - daylight saving sundial! different time zones and weathers(:

LLANGOLLEN, wales - if you can't see, the advertisement says 'retirement houses from about 150,000 pounds( which is equivalent to less than 500, 000 sing!). and it's a huge beautiful english country house with a garden we're talking about not just a hdb flat! i think! this illustrates a few things - standard of living and prices of housing between a land scarce country and one with much to spare!

LIVERPOOL - waste disposal. hahaha. i think their dustbin designs are quite nice! hehe

LLANGOLLEN - an old train station now used as a tourist attraction. image renewal?

the famous London tube!
(i still think our MRT is better though. cleaner and less scary. and MUCH MUCH CHEAPER)

and who can forget our dear Ford who invented mass production? (:

ok this is not exactly geograhpy but it is for all the harry potter fans. WE WERE THERE! :D

special thanks to those who came to send us off! :D

more wales photos on my facebook!

#2. We meet up to send our guys off to the army and have zi char for dinner at chia's house

and take stupid photos.
share one tub of ice cream amongst 11 people omg so tragic.
give sara her wales present 6 months after buying it.
and NEH bought bracelets and bangles for the girls from bali!

#3. we meet up to eat indian food and japanese food and do innocent things :P

(plus sara and neh but we forgot to take picture while eating.
and we were ALL at least half hour late for the meeting. i know i rub off you all right HAHA)
the indian food was great though. esp the naan and the SWEET BALL DESSERT :D

innocent toilet shot!
i treated jo to dinner and the rest to dessert ok!!!! so don't say i'm cheapo mans

#4. we meet up to see each other's hair (or lack of!)

neh's house!


very nice house, food and pets (:

#5. we bring good business to ice cream cafes in which one if us works at! hehehe.

ice cream chia

and our form teacher has very good taste in girls HAHA!
but thanks for bringing karyn (is that how you spell it?) that day! we really learnt alot from her and she is suuuuuper nice sweet and friendly and of course, pretty (:

we'll be waiting for the wedding invitation! :P

yep so that's what we've been doing so far since school ended and after prom.
BOON AH please show up one day! seeeee you are missing in all the pictures haiyo you!

hahaha ok so that's it.

see you all... at results day?

-cherissa (:
tuition teacher WOR

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008
Class gathering Post A

Think of your own caption, the pics are classic !

Tuesday, October 14, 2008
the most ridiculous ad i ever saw in my life

Sunday, October 5, 2008
Class Flickr Account
Hello the photos from Friday are now up on flickr which everyone can access unlike facebook. Go to http://flickr.com/photos/07a14. Everyone feel free to upload photos to the flickr! The username is ohsevenaonefour and the password is the same as the one to the class blog.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Click on image to enlarge!

Rest of the photos are here.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008
America issued a new bill yesterday

Friday, September 19, 2008
testimonial sample
ABC was admitted into Victoria Junior College in January 2005 as a Science student for a two-year course leading to the Singapore-Cambridge G.C.E. “A” Level Examination. He completed this course in November and left the College in December 2005.

(Intellectual Qualities)

BC was a capable student who was able to present arguments in a lucid and cogent manner. He was effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin and in both oral and written forms. Open to advice and change, BC has developed depth of thoughts over the two years. He has progressed from one who simply shared facts and content to one who tried to convince others of his views through logical analysis and reasoning. Once a shy boy who spoke only when called upon, he has become more forthcoming and took the initiative to seek others’ help in his work.

BC demonstrated a keen interest and knowledge in local and world affairs. He took part in activities organized by the College Global Affairs Society and attended social forums and seminars like the ones organized by Feedback Unit. During class discussions and in his essays, he was able to draw on a wide range of issues, demonstrating his ability to synthesise and apply his knowledge when needed. He also seized the opportunity to be part of a Sports Exchange Programme co-organized by the College and a sports school in Beijing, China. Although it took place in the middle of his final year, he could not resist the chance to broaden his worldview and learn from the best.

(Intrapersonal Qualities)

BC was a highly motivated student who set goals for himself in both academic and personal aspects. He proactively sought out opportunities to enhance his knowledge and life skills. This is evident from the wide variety of seminars, forums and workshops that he has attended during the two years in the College.

BC’s sense of responsibility and trustworthiness were acknowledged by his tutors and peers. He could be trusted to do a good job and needed minimal supervision. In his capacity as the Vice-Captain of the Hockey Team, he was efficient and thorough in charting the training schedule, seeking team-mates’ input and ensuring their attendance. Leading by example, BC was often among the first to arrive at the field and last to leave.

(Interpersonal Qualities)

BC is a pleasant young man who is courteous and respectful. Friendly and approachable, he was noted for his initiative in befriending the second intake students who joined the College in March instead of January 2005. He was appointed as a buddy to one of them and helped the student to adapt to the new environment more easily.

Through his role as the Vice-Captain of the Hockey Team and involvement in various activities, BC grew to be a more confident leader. He was able to get the cooperation of his team mates for tough decisions like intensifying trainings during term time. His peers spoke highly of his commitment and team spirit; he has indeed earned their respect.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Post Prelims Celebrations!
congratulations on completing your prelims!!!! our lovely enthusiastic class went on a lovely outing (of which i did not partake of the combined on so other half please upload pictures from the H1 geog outing and the combined outing! :D)

but from what i learnt, 3 things!
1. mr. najib is very generous.. and he's the only such guy out of all the male species of A14.

2. his car can squeeze 9 people of moderate sizes.

3. the stepbrothers is a bad movie. hahahahaha!

neh's photo face sucks

thanks for spoiling

nice nice!

jo is traumatising the poor kid. it was her birthday!